Luxury Boats

Cruises today may have lost the titanic prestige they once possessed – due to mass tourism and faster modes of transport – yet they do retain some of the glamor of their predecessors: captain’s table, gala evenings, glittering casinos…

In this dawn of the 21st century, shipbuilders have turned back the clock to capture the splendor of yesterday’s cruise ships, launching luxurious liners that can be seen gliding gracefully across the ocean blue

  • Asiatic Refinement aboard la Marguerite
  • The Atmosphere of a great hotel aboard the Seven Seas Voyager
  • In the Wake of Agatha Christie aboard the Sudan
  • The charm of a Small yacht aboard the Seadream
  • A Modern Day Windjammer aboard the Ponant
  • A mega yacht in the Mediterranean abord the Variety Voyager
  • A legendary sailing ship aboard the Seacloud
  • A boat on the lagon aboard the Paul Gauguin
  • Discovering the World aboard the Cruise Yacht Austral
  • Sailing in Style aboard the Tere Moana