Tourist sites, famous monument, wild animals, people they meet…
« Crazy World Stories » are 2 minute anti-post card tales that shatter the obvious to tell funny, surprising and impertinent stories.

  1. The Dog of Cape Horn
  2. The chosen people of the San Blas Islands
  3. Rastas and Sadhus
  4. The Youngest Member of the Orchestra
  5. The Sardine that blocked the port
  6. The Ship of Stone
  7. The Bridge of 21 Elephants
  8. The Legend of the Dragon
  9. Memory of Elephants
  10. Our ancestors the Lemurs
  11. The Kingdom of the motorcycles
  12. Buddha’s Assistant
  13. In the Kingdom of Bacchus
  14. The War Against the mosquito
  15. Dream Time
  16. Nazca and the UFOs
  17. Gauguin, predator in paradise
  18. The Man eating dragon
  19. The Horn of Desolation
  20. The Tourist Threat
  21. Pitcairn and the Descendants of The Bounty
  22. The Last Cedars of Lebanon
  23. A Little Crazziness on Red Square
  24. Peace upholds nature
  25. The Nile’s Fiancée
  26. The Troll’s road
  27. The Island where it’s forbiddent to be born
    and to die
  28. Ultra-violet beaches
  29. Bali, the island of happiness
  30. Buffalo-mounted police
  31. Pocahontas is not a legend
  32. Antarctica before the Ice Age
  33. Are Adelie Penguins Sexually Obssessed?
  34. Water Theatre
  35. A Story about Being Late
  36. Harry Potter’s Little Train
  37. An explosive city
  38. The Smoke that thunders
  39. New Year and the Attack of the Spiders
  40. The Madness of a chocolate maker
  41. The new towers of Babel
  42. The Master of the Waters
  43. The Shipwrecks of the Saint Lawrence River
  44. The Archipelago of Queens
  45. Slavery of the tall blonds
  46. Balthazar and the Stones of Ice
  47. Silbo, the language of the birds
  48. The Kiwis and the Poilus
  49. The Cadillac made in Bordeaux
  50. The Longest Cemetary in the World
  51. Roots and Stones
  52. The baobab and the elephant a connected destiny
  53. The Acai berry, the providential fruit
  54. The ghosts of the Atacama Desert
  55. The paradox of the beautiful americans
  56. The materials of revolt
  57. Looking for El Dorado
  58. The Island of Destiny
  59. Guignol the cheeky marionnettes
  60. The world’s first parliament
  61. The islet of monks and the paradise of fairies
  62. The Amazon, the river that goes back in time
  63. The guardian of Merapi
  64. Metro 2, Moscow’s secret metro
  65. Focus on the big staircase of Odessa
  66. The Barbarism stripe of the land, Chronicle of a predetermined death
  67. The Vikings Discovered America
  68. The Russian Atlantide
  69. The sacred Ganges and the rituals of pollution
  70. The bridge of discord
  71. Masters of the Water
  72. Baron Roger’s Folly
  73. Nagasaki’s prayers
  74. Rapa Nui, the island of questions
  75. The Napolitans’ secret weapon
  76. The imaginary line in the middle of the world
  77. Sandy Island, the ghost island
  78. The distilled history of an elixir
  79., the pirate’s bank
  80. Saint-Petersburg refinds its name and its splendour
  81. The day New-Zealand almost became french
  82. The capoeira is Brazilian
  83. The bear of Laroslav
  84. Brothers without words
  85. The misundersanding of sighs
  86. The rose of the sands
  87. Rio and the sugar loaf
  88. Who are the Samis?
  89. Tête-à-la-Baleine
  90. The house boats
  91. Annapolis, Ephemeral Capital
  92. Tulum and the descending god
  93. The murmmerings of Valparaiso
  94. The mysteries of Charles Bridge
  95. The perfume shop of the gods
  96. Saint-Gaudi
  97. We must save Nessy
  98. The road of the thirst
  99. The biggest turtles in the world
  100. Libertalia